Real-Time Flow Monitoring System

Wireless Fluidics' non-contact sensing technology provides online/real-time flow monitoring capability

About Us

Wireless Fluidics Inc. is a technology development company that specializes in designing and manufacturing fluid monitoring devices for various applications. The company’s sensors and monitoring devices will be based on patented microfluidics and microwaves technology that gives its customers unique capabilities and insight into their operations. Our products, once commercialized can be used in the Oil and Gas, bio-medical and environment monitoring industries. The first target market for Wireless Fluidics Inc. is the Oil and Gas industry. We are currently developing a real time and online asphaltene monitoring system marketed as Precipitated Asphaltene Monitoring System (PAMS). This product is in its prototype testing phase undergoing verification and validation.


Precipitated Asphaltene Monitoring System (PAMS) uses a unique integration of microfluidics and microwave technology to detect precipitated asphaltene in oil. The modular design allows for quick and easy maintenance.

Our Key Competition Differentiation

  • Integrated microfluidics- microwave platform
  • Online and real-time monitoring
  • High sensitivity
  • High pressure and high temperature operating conditions
  • Low maintenance requirements

Wireless Fluidics Short-listed for Calgary’s Energy New Venture Competition

We are pleased to announce that we have short-listed for the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s Energy New Venture Competition that will be help on February 28, 2017. For more information about this competition, please visit:


Experienced team with a demonstrated Track Records in Advanced Technology Development

Hamid SadAbadi Co-founder & CEO Microfluidics Tech development
Mohammad Zarifi Co-founder Microwave Tech development
Mojgan Daneshmand Co-founder Microwave Tech portfolio
Amir Sanati Nezhad Co-founder Microfluidic Tech portfolio
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